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Bulk Pneumatic Trucking – Handy Truck Line

Handy Truck Line has been in the pneumatic tank business since its inception!


Handy Truck Line has been in the pneumatic tank business since the inception of pneumatic tanks. Handys began hauling cement from the Idaho Cement Plant in Inkom, Idaho in the 1950’s. The cement was in sacks that were unloaded by hand at the ready mix plants or the job sites. Dump beds were followed by screw conveyor trailers until we finally got pneumatic tanks.

Handy Truck Line services Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Oregon and Montana with dry bulk service. The trucks are self contained and we have 50 years of experience unloading anything that you can put into a tank. We have over 60 sets of bulk trailers in operation as well as strategically placed Maxi Semi’s for the hard to reach tanks. Handy’s has several storage guppy’s and terminal storage at Heyburn and Meridian. Handys concentrates on light weight equipment for productivity and durability and does many major interstate projects.

Handys currently hauls the following materials:

  1. Non Food Grade Material: cement, fly ash, soda ash, silica sand, slag cement, slag sand, pumice, gypsum, bentonite, barite, lime and talc.
  2. Food Material: granulated sugar, flour, bulk beans and malt barley.